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Look at the widespread layout of the majestic city of London from the towering height of 69 floors of the Shard, the biggest building in London. The beauty of the city from afar would enchant you, but it feels even more beautiful from a close outlook. Therefore, descend the building and set yourself on an exploration of the various places to visit near Shard. As soon as you exit the building, you’ll find the majestic river Thames, alongside which are located the most wondrous historical sites of the world. Take a river cruise to measure the length and width of the Thames river complemented by the beautiful sceneries of the city. At Big Ben you may deboard the cruise to hear its sonorous chiming every hour which is exceptionally soothing.

Take a walk or use the cruise to reach the Tower bridge which is at walking distance from Big Ben. Just a few miles away is located Shakespeare's Globe Theatre whose unfathomable history doesn’t need any introduction at all. To get a 360 degree view of the city, stand comfortably in the cabin of the London Eye and enjoy a full rotation over the city of London. And, while wrapping your day trip in London, spend the last few hours of your trip at the London Bridge to enjoy the view of the prettiest skyline.

Places To Visit Near the Shard

Visiting the Shard isn’t a mere hour long affair at the building, the numerous places located in close vicinity like Big Ben, Tower of London, London Eye, etc., would demand your attention too. You would require a whole day to explore the various attractions and landmarks spread across the river Thames which would evoke emotions of thrill, excitement.

Tower Of London
Tower of London

The Tower of London has an infamous history of might, power and suppression of the people of London during late 11th century AD. Get a hold of this mighty fortress, a palace and an infamous prison which send a load of fascination and horrifying chill down the spine at the same time. William the Conqueror, who was fearful of rebellion in the city against him, built the prison in the 1070s with highly raised walls. The king would proclaim his royal power by torturing and executing rebels in the premises of this massive stone fortress. It must have horrified the Londeners. Throughout history, the Tower has been adapted, developed and even expanded by king Henry-III (1216-1272) and Edward (1272-1307) to defend and control the nation.

London Eye
London Eye

Rise up in the air with Europe’s tallest Ferris Wheel that will treat you with the panoramic views of the majestic city of London. London Eye, as it is called, is the perfect treat to introduce the city with an exhilarating experience over a cantilevered observation wheel. Alongwith the wheel, soar up in the air to enjoy a bird’s eye view and mesmerising 360 degree view of the whole city. Spot the majestic landmarks in the area while taking a gradual rotation and a glass of elegantly blended wine. Take a visit to this one of amazing attractions near the Shard, in the evening to not only feel yourself touching the cloud but enjoy the lit up entrancing London Skyline.

Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge

It is the most sophisticated bascule and suspension bridge in London built during the late 19th century. The Tower Bridge is world renowned for its Neo-Gothic architecture and lifting central sections which gives a refreshing look amidst the architectural marvel all along the river. Get off the cruise to enjoy the stunning panoramic views and feel the thrill of seeing London and its mighty river through the Glass Floor. Uncover the stories of the unsung heroes of Tower Bridge as you take steps on it.

River Thames
River Thames

Not only the River Thames is majestic and a beauty in itself, it also beholds the sight of all major historical landmarks of the city. Go on a river cruise trip which will take you through the Houses of Parliament, Tower of London, St. Paul’s Cathedral and other magnificent architectural views of the city. As you sit in the evening cruise, witness the beauty of the city and its skyline with the shimmers of setting sun on the river surface making it a magical moment. Stay by the river till dark takes over the evening to inhale the silence of London and witness the enchantment of the city at night along the historic Thames River

Big Ben
Big Ben

One of the major attractions near The Shard, Big Ben is known for its high accuracy and its massive bell and is among the must visit places to explore in London. It is the nickname for the Great Bell of the striking clock at the north end of the Palace of Westminster in London, England. The name is quite often used to refer to the clock and the clock tower which is officially named as the Elizabeth Tower. This iconic silhouette is instantly recognisable because of its architecture and is one of the most Instagrammed landmarks on the planet. It has been built in a gothic style of architecture similar to that of the Palace of Westminster.

Shakespeare Globe Theatre
Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

One of the major attractions near the Shard, Shakespeare’s Globe is the renowned theatre,education centre and cultural landmark situated on the banks of the river Thames. The Globe was built as a large, round, open-air theatre in the late 16th century to accommodate a large number of viewers of Shakespere’s plays. The construction of the Globe took inspiration from the architectural style of the Colosseum of Rome. The success of the theatre was massive and such that almost all the following Elizabethan theatres were constructed with a hall to be called amphitheatres. Enjoy some incredible performances at theatre while discovering the culture and history of the city as they are incomplete without shakespere’s mention.

HMS Belfast
HMS Belfast

It is a must visit for all those people interested in knowing the history of various events through their remaining souvenirs. Belfast is the most significant surviving Royal Navy warship from the Second World War. The warship has 9 decks allowing one to explore not only the technology of the ship, but also help in diving deep into the history of its journey over its 25 years course over the waters. Sneak into the secret and tough life of soldiers going in the oceans by hearing war stories and exprening various activities arranged on the warship for the visitors.

borough market
Borough Market

Borough Market is an all time stop for your daily groceries serving you with qualified raw materials, gift boxes or a full meal. Let that cook inside you control the excitement as you explore the Market’s fresh newcomer stunning cookbook by Angela Clutton. She has scripted more than 80 dishes for you, some are experiments, others are like old wine but with a twisted and refreshing touch. If the hustle bustle of the market bothers you,you can also try their services from online methods. Collect some veggies, fresh meat, drinks, wines or maybe something new that you might have seen on your favourite cook’s youtube channel, while going back to your hotel/ home

london bridge
The London Bridge

It’s a suspension bridge on the south-bank of the river at a 3-min walk from the Shakespere’s globe. It connects the St Paul's Cathedral on the north bank of the Thames with Tate Modern and Shakespeare's Globe in Southwark. Take a beautiful view of the magnificent bridge while sitting on an open roof crusie deck and passing by it. With the bridge lightened up in the nights with its reflection on the waters of the river Thames gives it a breathtaking view to enjoy and an unmissable opportunity to click a ton of pictures.

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